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In 1980, John Simmons formed Simmons carpet, a carpet restoration company that cleaned, removed pet odors, repaired and installed carpets and padding for the real estate industry. When the rental property business became depressed in the 80's, management companies were forced to lower rents and their budgets became more restrictive. Replacing worn carpeting was no longer cost effective and consequently, the carpet restoration business soared. Carpet dyeing services were added to the existing services in 1983 and Dye-namics was formed. Carpet could be completely re-dyed, making it look like new again. In six months, Dye-namics was said to be the fastest growing dyeing company in the United States.

Training presentations

In 1984, John Simmons started another company under his corporate umbrella, Color-Tech systems, a service company that offered two-day seminars on how to dye carpets successfully. The first day of the seminar taught students: identifying carpet fibers; the chemistry of carpet dyeing; similarities of 0n-location and mill dyeing; secrets of dye bonding; the molecular structure of carpet fibers; application of various dye stuffs; color theories and how to make and create various colors. The second day was hands-on training, where they would actually learn how to apply dyes to carpets. In addition, students were provided with a complete and comprehensive training manual written by Simmons, "How to lose your fear of dyeing". The demand for knowledge of this unique and lucrative business was great, and John Simmons' positive, enthusiastic approach added a special dimension to sales seminars, conventions, conferences and employee training programs. He was also a frequent contributor to trade magazines.

Product innovation

As a specialist in customized carpet dyeing and chemistry, John Simmons realized the need to improve not only the safety, but also the effectiveness of products used for odor removal, cleaning, and spot removing. With a chemistry background and years of hands-on experience, Simmons was led to form yet another company, Enviro Resources, for the development and formulation of environmentally safe products for home or office use. These products are described in this web site. All of his products are environmentally friendly, and safe to use around pets, plants, and children.




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