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Unscented spot & stain remover for carpet, upholstery and clothing.
Strong enough to degrease an engine, but gentle enough
 to use on silk!

Spotless, absolutely the best...at least that is what our customers say.  We get calls from all over the U.S. making claims that, "this stuff really works!"  Most spotters and cleaners are made up of wetting agents called surfactants.  You have probably tried every product in the store, with less than satisfactory results.  This is why we went to work.

With years for research, trial and error, we have discovered a new break through in removing spots and stains from washable fabrics.  We did not  re-invent the wheel. Spotless is formulated with not only quality surfactants, but also with powerful dispersing agents.  These agents first break down the stain, allowing it to be removed completely with minimal scrubbing.

Spotless is a water-based product that works on both water base and oil base stains.  There are no solvents, butals, or phosphates in our product.   It is completely biodegradable and odorless.

Spotless comes packaged in a variety of shapes and sizes--our newest package is absolutely incredible!  It now comes packaged in a unique small vile bottle with a dab-o-top applicator.  Its convenient size makes it great for purse or pocket. Dab-o-top is made of a very soft natural fiber so it won't harm your fabric--not even silk! Spotless has been compared to all leading brand spotters and proven better than all. Spotless is currently being offered to customers through major mail order catalogs in the U.S. and England.


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